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Etymological and genealogical research

Our law firm provides different types of research: etymological , historical , genealogical . In addition , we are engaged in research related to the history of chivalry and aristocratic families and determine the validity of possessing noble status. The first stage of the study are etymological studies that reveal the origins of the origin of the names , the appearance of which relates to the period between the year 1000 and XII - XIII century. During them , we set associated with each individual surname accurate identification of individuals that existed in the form appended to the special " characteristic of the plate." In second place are historical studies that define the ancient roots of the family , going back to time immemorial. During these studies often reveal facts concerning not only a one of a family , but even a kind, kind of brings a certain group of families who belong to it and . Research related to the history of chivalry and aristocratic families , as well as to the legitimacy of possessing noble status are highly relevant . The importance of belonging to a noble family and inheritance of centuries of noble status does not lose its value. After all, you can get the title today by an act granting to the nobility of the nobility , for his merits and deeds of valor and virtue, and sometimes for their generosity , together with the coat of arms , motto and the appropriate predicate if it exists . The recognition of a title of nobility , as can be noted is the moral and real recognition of special merit . Sometimes even revealed an interesting fact that many of the ancestors of a kind were among the very famous people.


Finally , a scientific genealogical search in a straight line is a graphical representation of names of each of the members of the genus on the uplink. We are able to reach even 20/22 knee , that is to recreate an amazing 500 years of family history . These studies represent a real thorough investigations , sometimes , meeting in its path with a very weighty complicating factors are stretched on the year. Hundreds of documents , such as birth certificates , wedding, christening , death, family reunification , adoption and acquisition of a title of nobility monographic are essential elements that constitute the family tree . To find such authentic historical documents, our experts conduct research in various archives: for data until the unification of Italy ( 1861 ), they are turning to the city's archives, while in the church archives chronicle dates back to the Council of Trent ( in Trento ) (1545-1563) , when the St. Charles Borromeo obliged to church authorities and parishes to lead Latin registration of births , deaths , baptisms and weddings that have become commonplace in the early XVII century. To explore more remote period , the assistance may come as state archives located in every province and notary where you can find information even XI century. But sometimes confronted with the fact that we have to give up and did genealogical research because of lack of information as a result of the destruction , disasters, wars that have occurred in the past.



Our philosophy - is carrying out a monographic study based on authentic historical documents, primary sources and archival data reproduced by our experts in the field of a direct kind, tracking all of its historical movement in the canonical order, and archival. On the basis of the collected material, we can restore the family tree. Found in the course of research some historical documents relating to the history of the family may be sent to the Client in the form of copies of an official certification of origin and historical authenticity.


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