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Law firm Noble Rights Sant 'Andrea provides consulting services in his office, located at the registered office , and the notary and arbitration services in the community jurisdictional legal institutions , which are held of title evidence of rights to lawful possession of noble status, belonging to a noble family , inheritance heraldic symbols and chivalrous , including filing a petition on genealogy, heraldry , the right to bear a title of nobility or of belonging to the genus titled , except assumptions «pro veritate» ( taken as true ), and all kinds of services and subsequent mandatory registration procedures and publication. All of the above is available regardless of any consideration to the case applies to the case concerned person .

We guarantee full participation and maximum legal support during all judicial procedures and legal proceedings pending the verdict by the International Court of Justice in cases involving persons of the privileged class ( permanent body of the European Court of Arbitration in the Legal g.Lugano ), and after the completion of judicial procedures in the case of the approval and adoption of a reasoned and legally valid claim of the plaintiff , upon entry into force of the court decision and to actually bring it into effect. These services are to control the publication of the chairman of the court of general jurisdiction of the Italian Republic, the decree approving the decision of the court , as well as assistance in its preparation and registration. In this case , upon the correctness of the procedure certificate confirming the side of the "de quo" (« discussion " and " examinee ") rights of nobility and / or knight "status" of the chairman of the court of general jurisdiction of the claims judgment rendered by the above Court and the publication of the decree lead its enforcement in the territory of the Republic . In addition , the Chairman shall order the publication of a summary judgment in the Regional Official Gazette on the location of the court, or in the Official Gazette of the Swiss Confederation . In order to make the judgment void decree of President of the Court , in the end, must be registered with the Department of Revenue . All the above actions are aimed at clarifying , establishing and announcement provided a positive conclusion of the jurisdictional evidence of a title , a person has a privileged status, legal recognition to the legal basis of its possession of a title of nobility , a predicate , a coat of titles due to him , in case of their existence and detection. Such a procedure has the evidence and establish the same meaning and effect as a judgment on the establishment, the identification and recognition of the legal , historical and noble rights in the face of the Italian master to own aristocratic , knighted , attached predicates associated with the right to carry a title of nobility , the coat of arms and titles as originally transmitted by inheritance, and granted by the reigning monarch or a pretender to the throne, had a legal right "fons honorum".

All of the above is a direct consequence of a judgment by the International Court of Human Affairs and the privileged class of persons ( permanent body of the European Court of Law of Arbitration in Lugano ), a tribunal of arbitrators and judges , I category. On this basis , the subsequent possibility of entry into force and enforcement of the sentence in the territory of more than 100 States Parties to the New York Convention of 10/06/1958 serving in Italy in accordance with the law of 19 January 1968 , at №. 62, is legitimate . Thus, subject to the adoption of a procedure is in its initial recognition and accessories previously available " status " or those in salaried "ex novo" (« from scratch ") haves right parties , in recognition of the hereditary nobility status, as well as in the subsequent jurisdictional proof of title to the adjudication , its approval and implementation of appropriate procedures and formalities in connection with legally owned by the plaintiff law.



Law Office, known for its special ability to produce various types of research, has highly skilled professionals directly involved in genealogy, etymological, historical research in order to fully review the legality of the title and possession of knightly regalia. Our customers - people belonging to different strata of society, united by a desire to know more of the truth about their own history and the roots of the kind of learning the truth of the origin of his family and his country. Interest in the history of chivalry and aristocratic families, the right to inheritance and transfer of titles and regalia of great relevance. The importance of belonging to a noble family for centuries does not lose its value. After all, you can get the title today by an act "about the award of the nobility of the nobility, for his merits and deeds of valor and virtue."


One of the activities that are carried out by a competent and professional team of the law firm Noble Rights " Sant 'Andrea ' - the protection and custody of a title of nobility or national emblem , the adoption of measures to resolve disputes, conflicting precedents of international character. Our company can be proud of the fact that all the work is carried out highly skilled experts - artists who know their job, which on the basis of original historical documents , primary sources and historical data in place of a direct kind with a jeweler's precision conduct a thorough monographic study , tracking backwards all movement in the canonical order and archive , the result of which will determine the date and place of birth of a noble family , as well as a complete re-creation of his stories . Our experts will be able to make a similar manner, and family tree . The individual found during the study historical documents relating to the history of the family , may be the additional individual arrangements transferred to the Client in the form of copies of an official certification of origin and historical authenticity.



5 principles of our work:
• Comprehensive study of the nobility and heraldic rights legislation and the approach to resolving issues within the framework of these laws.
• Serial accurate analysis of the totality of problems with the assessment of risks associated with them.
• A close study of non-legal factors.
• A comprehensive evaluation of alternative ideas and solutions.
• Taking into account the required time to resolve the matter and strict adherence to agreed deadlines set aside the decision of the problem


Thematic scope of our services: